How long does shipping takes

After successful completion of payment shipping takes 2-3 business days.

Will I be charged shipping taxes

Due to the sales tax law changes the past couple years, tax may be charged depending on your home state. The tax is caculated based on the delivery location.

Can I get same day delivery?

No that isn’t possible

What methods of payments are available

Payment methods available are PayPal and Bitcoin

Why can't I use my Credit Card for making payments

We currently don’t accept credit/debit card payment at the moment because our merchant API charges 8% fee on all transaction which was a rip-off to customers so we had to stop using that reasons why we resulted to payment methods which charges little or no fee at all

Why am i not redirected to make payments after placing my order

Due to different payments systems regulations on the sales on arms and ammuntions, we provide our payment instructions manaully and give instructions for which customers are to follow

Will I be refunded if I received a wrong product

Yes absolutely, kindly have a look at our refunds and return page for more details.

What if I will like to return the product I ordered

In order to refund a product you ordered you will be required to pay a certain fee which will depend on the product you purchased. Our customer service will provide you with details in case you face a situation like this.

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